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An Introduction to Rabbit Room Lore in the Form of Five Comics

Luke Murray is an illustrator and maker of memes based out of northern New England. He is also an art student at the University of New Hampshire. He started the Instagram page @RabbitRoomMemes on a whim after going to a concert by The Arcadian Wild in March 2022. It is fair to say that Luke's life was significantly changed (for the better) when he first went to Hutchmoot in 2022.


Luke Murray is an artist who has taken it upon himself to add his own garnish to the lore of the Rabbit Room in the form of @RabbitRoomMemes. Now he has kicked things up a notch with five short comics straight out of the back alleys and inside-joke-laden passages of the wonderful and weird thing we call the Rabbit Room.

We asked Luke why he made these comics and this is what he said:

"My 'normal' work can often be rather boring (I'm an aircraft mechanic) so I'm left with plenty of time to generate ideas. The comics come from a similar source of inspiration and love of the work of the Rabbit Room as the other memes, but in another medium. I am so grateful to the wonderful people involved in the Rabbit Room as I can attribute nearly all of the progress in my art to artists that I have found there. I think the memes and everything are just an outpouring of love and wanting to give back to the community. "

Cheers, Luke.

Those of you who have been to Hutchmoot, the Rabbit Room's annual conference, or frequented the Chinwag, will catch some of these references. For the rest of you, if you do not recognize a name, reference, or event, use the links below each comic as a rabbit trail that will lead you further up and further in.

Consider these comics a welcoming invitation into the wonderful, quirky, cast of characters, traditions, and lore that is the Rabbit Room. Happy romping.

"Hutchmoot" is the Rabbit Room's annual conference. Why "hutch"? Because rabbits. Why "moot"? Because ents. Nuff said.

Every Moment Holy is a collection of liturgies by Doug McKelvey published by Rabbit Room Press. There are three (so far): Volume 1 (the brown one), Volume 2: Death, Grief, and Hope (the red one), and now Volume 3: The Work of the People (the blue one).

The aforementioned Ned, Doug, Stephen, and Malcolm are (in ascending order of Hobbit-ness): Stephen Crotts, Ned Bustard, Doug McKelvey, and Malcolm Guite. No Neds, Dougs, Stephens, nor Malcolms were harmed during the making of this comic.

This is Eddy Efaw, potter extraordinaire.

Find John Barber on the Chinwag. Do not purchase his elevator passes. Consider yourself warned.

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