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App Release Day: Every Moment Holy

For the past year, we’ve been hard at work developing Every Moment Holy as an app for iOS devices, and we’re happy to announce that today that work comes to fruition! Click here to download it now.

Author Douglas McKelvey’s hope for Every Moment Holy (as well as our own) is to draw attention to the sacred nature of seemingly mundane moments in life, and while the book does a beautiful job of presenting these liturgies, it’s often difficult to have the bound copy on hand for all the moments in which one of these prayers might be wanted.

So to the end that these prayers might be ready at hand when needed, we present the Every Moment Holy app. You’ll find it pre-loaded with a healthy dose of free liturgies the moment you install it (download it for free in the Apple App Store). These pre-loaded liturgies include those for table blessings, morning coffee, liturgies of the hours, and more, and all the rest of the liturgies in Every Moment Holy, Volume 1 are available to purchase individually, or in collections by topic, or as the entire volume. The content of Volume 2 will follow in the next few weeks.

But the word liturgy carries with it a sense of communal experience, which is why many of the prayers are meant for use with a group of other people. So in the app we’ve included the ability for users to share their liturgies with those around them whenever necessary—even if the others around them don’t have the app itself. You can text a liturgy or share it via social media. Our hope is that this will allow these prayers to find their ways more fully into the lives of those who need them.

There are other features to explore, but for now we’ll let you discover those on your own.

If you’re an Android user, don’t despair. We’re eager to provide an app for that ecosystem as well, and we’re currently exploring options for ways to fund that development.


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