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Behind the Song: “All Things Together”

This whole thing—and by that I mean all of creation, from the outermost galaxies to my kitchen table—swirls around a Jewish man from the first century. He was born of woman, was a refugee, was more or less homeless, and lived a relatively short life. But his presence on the planet all those years ago changed history, and I believe he was the incarnation of God himself.

He claimed to be so, after all, which means he was either crazy, or evil, or God in flesh. Paul wrote in Colossians that he was before all things, and in him all things hold together. John wrote that he was the Word that made the world. Peter ate with him after the resurrection and was among the crowd who watched him ascend. My hope, most of all, is that by the time you get to this song on the record, you have been reminded of his great power and love, and that you would confess that he is Lord, not just of your life, but of the cosmos. That’s it. And if you’re with me to that point, go ahead and let Resurrection Letters, Vol. 2 play, and be reminded right out of the gate that he makes all things new. Even the broken and weary ones like you and me.

You can pick up Resurrection Letters: Volume I in the Rabbit Room Store and listen to “All Things Together” here:


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