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Behind the Song: “I’ve Seen Too Much”

In a conversation with a friend a few years ago about why I’m a Christian, my answer boiled down to this: I’ve seen too much. There are too many good and beautiful things, too many stories that cry out for things to be made right, too many lives changed, too much healing, too many examples of humble sacrifice in the face of great evil for there to be no meaning, no bright love on the other side of the veil.

That reasoning may fall flat to you, but it’s enough for me. And Christianity makes the most sense not just of the brokenness of the world, but also its beauty and the inconsolable longing and profound wonder we all feel from time to time. The apostles were sent out into the world with a story to tell, and because they had seen the risen Christ up close, had eaten with him and touched his scars, they were willing to die for the truth of that story. Because if it’s true, it changes everything.


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