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Behind the Song: “Remember Me”

I think I’ve cried more while listening to this song than any other in my career, and it’s partly because I didn’t write it. I wish I had, because it’s everything I love about songwriting.

Ben Shive has been writing Good Friday songs for his church for a few years, and when I heard this one I knew I wanted it to be on this album. The phrasing, the imagery, the groove, the lyrical arc—it’s all just masterful, and I’m honored to be able to sing it. By the time we get to the last verse, which says, “…the Son will stand on the mount again with an army of angels at his command, and the earth will split like the hull of a seed wherever Jesus plants his feet, and up from the grave the dead will rise like spring trees clothed in petals of white, singing the song of the radiant bride,” I can hardly contain myself. Not only is this a poetic and glorious vision of what’s to come, it’s scriptural. This, whatever you’ve been told about Christianity, is where the whole story of creation is headed. We will always be with the Lord.


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