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Being Human in a Fragmenting World: Nashville L’Abri Conference

What does it look like to live a fully human life in an increasingly fragmenting world? For over fifty years, the branches of L’Abri Fellowship around the world have sought answers to this question.

French for “the shelter,” Francis and Edith Schaeffer chose the name “L’Abri” in 1955 for their ministry to provide a hospitable environment for any person seeking honest answers to honest questions about God and truth.

Following in that tradition, the Nashville L’Abri Conference aims to provide an opportunity through lectures, discussions, and personal interaction to deepen understanding of what it means to be human in a fragmenting world.

The conference will take place at Lipscomb University’s Swang Business Center on July 26th and 27th. It will include lectures, small group workshops and discussions, two lunches and one dinner together, an evening of music from local artists, and an environment to nurture conversations and questions.

Each lecture, workshop, mealtime, and discussion is designed to facilitate an exchange of ideas among conference attendees and speakers around subjects such as:


America’s Polarized Politics: Can Christians Have a Redemptive Role?

Pursuing Freedom in a Culture of Choice

Early Peacemaking: Can Conflict be Outmaneuvered Before It Starts?


Bodies with Meaning: Christianity’s Liberating Sex Ethic

What Does the Bible Have to Tell Us about Sexual Harassment and #MeToo?

Cultivating a Hopeful Imagination in a Pornified Culture


Becoming Less Fragile: Self-control as Inner Dominion

How to Be a Better Lover: Attention in a Distracted World

Staying Human in a Smartphone Culture

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