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Brevity, Part 2 – Epiphany All Skate

A few weeks back I wrote

a piece on the discipline of brevity, and it was a ton of fun to hear your responses.  So today I’m sitting here tucked away in the corner of a coffee shop with free wi-fi, thinking about 2008, and wanted to bring an exercise to the Rabbit Room table.  What would it be like if we joined the discipline of brevity with the art of confession.  This post is an all-skate.  In other words, we’re going to write this one together. 

Here’s the assignment.  In two inches of text or less, tell us about something you have learned over the course of the past year.  If you can, try and stay in that 12 month time frame.  It can be something you learned in an instant or over the span of months.  It can be funny, scientific, theological, relational, tragic–whatever.  It can even by something you “unlearned”–something you thought you were certain of until 2008.

I’d especially like to hear from all the Rabbit Room Contributors and also from first time posters.  I know you’re out there.  Come on in and pull up a chair.  The fire’s roaring, the beverages are flowing and the table is set.  What’s on your mind?

Oh, one more thing.  For the sake of the purpose of this particular post, let’s limit our comments to 2008 Epiphanies only, and just hear from each other.  I’ll post mine as a comment below too.


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