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Children’s Books Live Illustration on the NYT

Word Of Mouse is co-written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, and illustrated by me. As part of the publicity for the book, Little, Brown flew me to New York to do a live drawing session on Facebook Live from the New York Times Building and on the NYT Facebook account. 

I was filmed as I drew, all the while being interviewed by NYT Children’s Editor, Maria Russo, as she fielded questions and comments from the Facebook viewing audience. Thank you, to so many of you Rabbit Roomers who attended online and said so many nice things.

The NYT has continued to bring in children’s book illustrators to film and interview. The list of videos has grown to 12 at this point. Each is roughly 30 mins, give or take, and involves interviews, Q&A, book readings, and creating art, live and on the spot.

For me, there is something so honest and good and inspiring about watching illustration happen before your eyes. As a kid, I loved watching Bob Ross with my dad on Saturday mornings, and there is something similar brought alive in me as I watch these new videos. I’ve watched each of them and am thrilled to see the catalogue grow each week. The project was initially catalogued on the Times Facebook page, and it was a bit tricky to locate each video. However, they are now all available in one place. Kids and adults can view these videos as any time they wish by visiting the Children’s Books Live Illustration page on the New York Times Website (click here).

I hope you enjoy watching these as much as I’ve enjoyed being a part of such a wonderful celebration of the art of children’s literature.


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