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Christmas Came Early: A Free Puzzle Hunt With Love from the Rabbit Room

We like to keep things fun here at ye ol' Rabbit Room.

For instance, a few years ago at Hutchmoot, the Rabbit Room's annual conference in Franklin, TN, we decided to make a deck of cards with puzzles on them (and adorable rabbits). We hid the puzzle cards around the conference and everyone worked together to find them and solve the puzzles.

Now it is time to share the love. Call it an early Christmas gift from your friends at the Rabbit Room.

Here Is How the Game Works:

  1. Print the puzzles out.

  2. Hide them around your house.

  3. Call a bunch of friends/family members over.

  4. Find them.

  5. Solve them.

  6. Make merry.

Word to the Wise the First: You can play the game collaboratively or break into teams to see who can find and solve the most. Beyond that, just make up the rest of the rules as you go!

Word to the Wise the Second: The difficulty level of these puzzles ranges from "My kid could solve that!" to "Are you kidding me? I'm not an AI." We recommend teaming up for the stumpers. Have Tylenol at the ready for any brain cramps.

Rabbit Room Puzzle Cards
Download PDF • 15.81MB

Rabbit Room Puzzles
Download ZIP • 6.39MB

And if you really want to skip ahead... here is the answer key.

Answer Key—Rabbit Room Puzzle Cards
Download PDF • 178KB


And just so you don't have to go to the effort of clicking in order to see what you're getting into, here are a few sample puzzles.


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