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Coming Soon: Audiobook – Behold the Lamb of God

For the last six or seven months, amid a lot of personal turmoil (which you can—and should—read about here), Russ Ramsey has been working on the audiobook of his most excellent advent narrative, Behold the Lamb of God. The book is written in 25 chapters such that you and your family can read read one chapter a day beginning on December 1st and culminate the narrative on Christmas Day. The book was always meant to be read aloud. It’s constructed in short digestible chapters (about 8 minutes each) and written to be shared by families and friends gathered together. Now, with the new audiobook, Russ has made that experience even easier.

The audiobook officially releases on November 5th (next Tuesday). It’ll be available here in the Rabbit Room store as well as at other digital audiobook outlets (for those who wish to support Russ, the best place to shop is the Rabbit Room store).

If you’re unfamiliar with Russ’s book, here’s a sample from the new audiobook in which Andrew Peterson reads from the foreword (which he wrote) and tells the story of not only where the book came from, but of why it matters.


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