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Conference: Your Imagination Redeemed

When you read a book that stirs your spirit and captures your imagination, what is it in that tale that makes you feel so awakened and alive?

Why are you drawn to its noble characters, and repulsed by its adversaries? When you enter the fantastic literary worlds of The Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia, why do you want to stay there, to live into those other-worldly adventures? Is it just good writing, or is there something more?

Those books weren’t written to capture your imagination. They were written to release it. Our imaginations are constantly distorted and dulled by ugliness, busyness, and distraction. But imagination is God’s idea—something which, if used properly, empowers us to believe in things we cannot see, hope where hope seems lost, and be creators (all of us!) who mirror the Creator God.

The Rabbit Room is proud to be a sponsor of the Your Imagination Redeemed Conference hosted by our friends in Colorado, The Anselm Society. Join us Saturday, April 1, 2017 for an all-day exploration of imagination and the arts. Andrew Peterson and other riveting speakers will lead you to discover how to keep your imagination redeemed, and truly alive to God.

For artists:

This will be an imaginative retreat, with food for your soul. Breakout sessions and workshops will focus on inspiring and refreshing you, and helping you to better integrate your imagination so as to inflame your art and its impact.

For everyone:

You will take a sweeping journey through the best stories, songs, and art, and find it drawn back with you into the rest of your life, as the mundane is re-enchanted, and you are awakened not only to the reality to come but to this world and its expectant glory.


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