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Dating Yourself and Making Birdhouses

I have been a contributor here for a very little while now and I notice that some of these other blokes ask questions and then some very clever people answer them in the comments and elaborate upon their thoughts and it’s a kind of thing like what bespectacled scientists in lab coats call “interaction,” or “communication,” or “the brotherhood of man.” So here’s my question: If you were single, and you weren’t you, would you date yourself?

OK, that’s not my real question, but it’s something worth considering in light of the fact that you probably want someone special to date you. Or court you. Or take you on a date to court. Date yourself? It’s the kind of question that might puzzle a person, but later they would understand. I read once where Rich Mullins said that if he wasn’t Rich Mullins he would be a Rich Mullins fan. Perhaps that is a good question for artists and thoughtful singles to consider. Also, there’s those on-line dating services which, if the commercials are true, are excellent places for male models and female models to get together for a lasting love where you never have to say “I’m sorry,” or “I’m not good-looking.”

Personally I hope the Rabbit Room spins off into an on-line dating service focused on 3 dimensions of compatibility:

1. Are you OK with being discipled by Ron Block?

2. There are two kinds of people in this world, people who love Eric Peters’ music, and people who haven’t listened to it long enough yet. Which are you?

3. Is

Andrew Peterson a father-figure, a brother-figure, or an action-figure kind of influence in your life? By the way, have you seen Andrew’s new book? It’s the first in The Chronicles of the “Kill” Saga Trilogy. The second book is called Second to Kill and third is called, uh, um…I can’t remember. Third…something. But it’s going to be so amazing. Check the Rabbit Room Store now. If it’s not there, buy something else.

But I digress (who else hates it when people say “But I digress?” When is it ever OK to say that?). My real question is this:

Tell us one thing that you do (or wish you did) to foster creativity in your life?

Example: Everyday I take a walk and soak in the inspiration of creation. Then I build birdhouses. Or: Everyday I talk to my soulmate whom I met on Rabbit Room Singles dot com. Then I tip my head backwards and laugh enthusiastically while a voice-over sells a product.

Fill us in. Or, in keeping with AP’s astute perspective on Art as light in darkness, enlighten us. Help us ordinary people uncover the beauty ready to break over the surface of the still lake of our lives.


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