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Doubt Becomes Wonder: An Interview with Audrey Assad

Last month I had the chance to ask Audrey Assad, one of my favorite songwriters / thinkers / poets / Twitter-ers(?), some questions about her new record Evergreen for CCM Magazine.

Stories of faith crisis, of dismantling and rebuilding and finding God faithful all the way to the other side, are the kind of stories most dear to me these days. I’ve had my own experiences in the dark night of the soul, where everything certain feels like it’s shifting, and I’ve accompanied people close to me as they go through their own journey. So I’m especially grateful for the chance to have a little Q&A with Audrey about this very topic. Whether you feel rock solid in your faith or no idea what you believe, I hope her words are as encouraging to you as they were to me.

On Deconstructing and Reconstructing Faith: “Now that I’ve been walking through this process for about four years, I know that the “deconstruction” has in actuality been sort of a reconstruction all along. It was really necessary (albeit excruciating) for me to tear down some pretty rotten old trees in my heart’s garden in order to till the soil for new life. The deconstruction and reconstruction have all been one process in a manner of speaking. There was a lot of anxiety along the way because so much of my personal religious practice was built on how I believed others perceived me and my ideas. The best thing about all of this, aside from letting go of some pretty bad ideas about God, has been learning to let go of the opinions of other people, even as I seek to remain as part of the community.”

You can read the full interview here at CCM! Then go listen to Evergreen on Spotify or (better yet!) buy it from her website.


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