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Frankenstein Hits the Stage Tomorrow

“You are the cause. I am the effect. The rest is destiny.”

Today in 1797, Mary Shelley was born, and 21 years later the first edition of Frankenstein was published. This year marks the 200th anniversary of the novel. It’s become one of our most enduring stories, and this year A. S. “Pete” Peterson went to work with Studio Tenn to develop a fresh new adaptation for the stage. The show opens tomorrow and will run for two weekends.

The story of Victor Frankenstein and his creature is much more than a mere monster tale. It’s a story rich with theological, sociological, and psychological layers exploring not only what it means to be human, but what it means to be shaped by the power of love—or hatred.

What obligation has a creator to his creation? Where does human kindness come from? Is true justice possible? These questions and many more are deftly investigated in Peterson’s probing interpretation of Shelley’s classic work. The show is a classic example of Studio Tenn’s sumptuous production aesthetic and is not to be missed.

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And if you can’t make it to Nashville for the show, the play script is now available in both hardcover and paperback from the Rabbit Room Store. Click here to order.


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