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Let Justice Roll Down Book Group: Week 4

Our reading group for Let Justice Roll Down by John Perkins, led by Dr. Steve Guthrie, is in its final week. All materials for Week 4 are now available, including discussion questions, videos, and articles for further reading. Enrollment is ongoing, so join whenever you like.

This week, participants will be reading chapters 19-23, the postscript, and the preface, then discussing:

  1. The impression this book has made on us

  2. How white Christians can love their Black neighbors as themselves without exhibiting paternalism or self-importance

  3. The call to be “shrewd as serpents but innocent as doves,” particularly in engaging with our broken legal system

  4. Some practical ways to receive accurate and trustworthy information about the suffering of others

  5. How the work of justice cannot be done alone

…and much more.


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