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Taste and See Screening Event Guide: How to Make Ricotta

Taste and See is now streaming! And to assist you in savoring the pilot film, the Rabbit Room has partnered with the Taste and See team to create a unique screening event guide. True to the spirit of the film, the event guide is designed to take you beyond the screen and into the company of friends and family around a table. Included in the guide are discussion questions and a simple, accessible recipe for homemade ricotta crostini—a cheese which figures prominently in the pilot film.

This first Taste and See film takes place at a Jewish farming community where, among other things, the participants learn to make ricotta cheese together from their goats’ milk. The milk is traditionally one of the first fruits of the spring, and turning the milk into cheese is a part of stewarding the gift God provided through the herd.

Many of us enjoy cheese, but how many of us have made cheese? Ricotta is a great introductory cheese that is very easy and delicious. The only essential ingredients are milk (cow’s milk is okay!) and acid (lemon juice and/or vinegar), plus salt.

The process of making ricotta has the potential to be a delightful experience of discovery. We encourage you to gather as a group and make ricotta together as a part of sharing a meal together before or after watching the Taste and See film.

Each household needs one virtual screening ticket. If you’re gathering a larger group, please be sure each household purchases a ticket in support of the filmmakers!

P.S. In addition to your screening event guide with discussion questions and a ricotta recipe, each screening will be followed by a panel discussion with director Andrew Brumme, author Norman Wirzba, and Rabbit Room founder and president Andrew Peterson, moderated by Lindsey Patton.


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