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Every Moment Holy: Downloads

One of our hopes for Every Moment Holy is that it will be a book that’s not only read and enjoyed but used over and over again by individuals, families, and communities. We’re delighted to see that’s already happening and the book hasn’t even been officially released yet!

Early on we recognized that it’s hard to lead a liturgy unless everyone in the room has a copy to read from, and since it’s unlikely that you’ll have a copy of the book on hand for everyone, the liturgies need to be easily accessible and printable.

To facilitate that, on the Every Moment Holy website, you’ll find a download page that provides an easy way to print out a liturgy in order to share it with others. Several of the most commonly requested liturgies are available for free. Others are available for a nominal fee ($1). They are all nicely laid out in PDF format for printing on standard 8.5×11 paper.

From time to time we hope to add new liturgies to the page, liturgies that aren’t in the book (but may appear in future volumes). And if there’s a liturgy from the book that you don’t see available for download, please request it and we’ll be happy to make it available.

Visit and let us know if you have other suggestions for how to make the book easier to use.


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