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Here’s to Whatever Comes Next

Today, with a mixture of sadness and joy, we announce that Drew Miller is stepping away from his position as Content Developer for the Rabbit Room. Our sadness is the natural result of waving goodbye to a teammate, and the joy is our right and proper acknowledgement of the many ways we’ve seen him grow while he’s been with us and our hope for what the future has in store for him.

Drew Miller stands boldly in a wood.

For the past five years, Drew has diligently worked behind the scenes of the Rabbit Room. He’s not only crafted, curated, and edited content but has gleefully cultivated the huge community of writers who contribute to our website. And since the launch of the Rabbit Room Podcast Network, he’s been the producer behind many of our shows, including The Second Muse, The Artists Creed, The Habit, Call It Good, The Hutchmoot Podcast, The Molehill Podcast, and more. But most of all, he’s been a beloved part of our team, a willing partner in all manner of shenanigans, a ready chortle when a pun is loosed, an invaluable ally in brainstorming, a purveyor of befuddlement, an insightful voice in vision-casting, and one of our favorite songwriters.

It’s been a great five years. And here’s to the years yet to come. If you’ve been blessed by any of the content the Rabbit Room has put into the world since 2017, join us in saying, “Thank you, Drew.” We can’t wait to see what’s in store for him next.


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