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How Do You Make Space for Creativity?

A while back, we asked the Facebookers what they do to make space for creativity? Here are a few of their answers. What about the rest of you?

Debi Adamson Zahn: I try to keep my creative endeavors easily accessible and visible. I love graph paper taped to a table top so I can draw whenever an idea strikes. I also keep a crochet basket next to my favorite chair.

Kim Fisher: It helps to have a job that is all about creativity.

Laure Hittle: Still figuring that out. And my definition of creativity varies by season, too. i don’t know about everyone else, but i really struggle with discipline and with keeping myself too busy. It’s easy to talk myself out of creating that space. So thank you for asking this—i am going to turn off the interwebs and go work on my story.

Sally Zaengle: Get up at 5 AM.

Reagan Dregge: Say no to some things.

We say no to getting up at 5am. Does that count?

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