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Hutchmoot 2018: To Begin A Purposeful Gathering

At Hutchmoot, there are so many ways that we offer ourselves to one another: through stories, songs, conversations in the hallway, listening intently, and sharing meals, to name only a few.

The etymological roots of the word liturgy suggest that it is a “work of and for the people”—in this sense, every Hutchmoot is one big liturgy composed of countless small ones. Every logistical detail and fleeting decision weave together to form one shared work of celebration, communion, and hopefully worship. That’s the goal, anyway. And as lofty as that sounds, it is a goal achieved not by impressive feats of artistic prowess or piercing insights, but by the smallest, most mundane kindnesses we can give to each other. Hospitality, vulnerability, community—all these words at risk of trendiness—the ideals they represent come to life in the nooks and crannies of our days.

As in any vast, coordinated effort like this, every one of us brings our hopes and fears, our griefs and gifts to the table. It’s a beautiful and fragile thing to gather—in being loved, we risk being known. So whether you will be joining us in person this year or not, we ask that you would join us in prayer for the many souls being brought together. Below you’ll find a liturgy from Every Moment Holy that may assist in your prayer.

A Liturgy to Begin a Purposeful Gathering

Leader: And so are we gathered here, uniquely in all of history, we particular people in this singular time and place. People: Accomplish your purposes among us, O God. Tune our hearts to the voice of your Spirit. Wake us to be present to you and to one another in these shared hours we are given. For it is you, O Lord, who have so gathered us from our various places, and you alone who know our hearts and our needs.

Among us are some who arrive anxious, some who are lonely, some who suffer pain or sorrow. May we in our joys find grace to enter the sorrows of others.

Among us are some who arrive rejoicing, hearts made light by good news, good health, glad anticipation. May we in our sorrows find grace to embrace the joys of others.

Let us prize these moments and care for one another deeply—for each of us, and our relationships to one another, are precious and fleeting. Amen.

This poster was made by Stephen Crotts. You can view more of his work here.


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