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Hutchmoot: Homebound Reading & Listening Collection

Chris Thiessen (Keeper of the Books, Rabbit Room Store Expert, and Encyclopedic Source of all Musical Knowledge) has compiled a reading list and a streaming playlist that together represent the speakers, subjects, and artists involved in Hutchmoot: Homebound. They are vast. We’ve also got some fun goodies to share from Growley Leather, so be sure to scroll to the bottom.

This reading list is a great way to dive into the goodness that awaits you and familiarize yourself with voices such as Mark Meynell, Heidi Johnston, Malcolm Guite, Helena Sorensen, and Jonathan Rogers. Chris threw a few Inkling classics in there, too (Chesterton, Lewis, Tolkien, etc).

Likewise, this streaming playlist will give you a sampling of songs by Sara Groves, John Mark McMillan, Propaganda, Joshua Luke Smith, Taylor Leonhardt, and Jess Ray—plus it’s curated with great care around the theme of “Homebound.”

Thanks, Chris!

One of our long-time Hutchmoot partners is Growley Leather. They make some amazing bags, journals, hats, guitar straps, and more. Better yet, they’ve got lots of Rabbit Room-themed items, complete with the Rabbit logo. Click here to check out their store and see if there’s something for you.


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