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Hutchmoot: Pictures

Here are a few of the pictures Grant Howard took at the ‘Moot.

Ron Block, Randall Goodgame, Jason Gray, and Andy Gullahorn’s Shoulder during the songwriter panel.

Chris Wall, a good friend who produced several VeggieTales films at Big Idea (including the ones featuring the Goodgame/Peterson silly songs “Monkey”, “The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo”, and “Sneeze if you Need To”). Chris was a part of the storytelling panel.

The infamous Eric Peters, who is much more road weary than this picture suggests. He drove straight to Hutchmoot from his summer Young Life stint in Georgia.

Russ Ramsey, who only hours after Hutchmoot concluded moved his sweet family from Kansas to Nashville to a little house right down the road. He’s the newest pastor at our church, Midtown Fellowship.

The songwriter panel, featuring Ron Block, Goodgame, Jason Gray, Andy Gullahorn, Jill Phillips, Andrew Osenga, Eric Peters, and me. Matt Conner moderated, and made the comment at the beginning that we looked like a Caucasian version of Leonardo’s Last Supper, at which point we all struck the pose pictured in Jason’s post yesterday.

This was taken at the Counting Stars release show at Fellowship Bible Church on Friday night. That’s Kenny Hutson (lap steel), Ben Shive (keys), Ken Lewis (drums), me, Andy Gullahorn (guitar), and James Gregory (bass). It was a packed house, a great gift never taken for granted by a bunch of singer/songwriter folks like us.

S.D. Smith, who led a session titled “Perfection in Weakness” along with A.S. Peterson and Travis Prinzi. Sam, his brother and a few friends showed up early and helped a TON with the weekend. Thanks, West Virginians.

The book table. Ah, one of my favorite things in the world. We had a lot of new books by our favorite authors, along with a lot of used treasures (nearly all of which were sold). That’s Brannon McAllister in the foreground, a good friend over the years who is responsible for designing my last three or four album covers.

Jonathan Rogers, who with Russ Ramsey led a session on Annie Dillard and Flannery O’Connor, two of the Rabbit Room’s favorite writers. Jonathan’s newest novel The Charlatan’s Boy releases later this year.

Randall Goodgame, the brains behind Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies and its super-cool tour. Randall drove through the night from Arkansas to make it to the ‘Moot in time to be a part of the songwriter panel.

Ron Block, the Rabbit Room’s resident banjo-theologian. Ron and I spoke about George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis’s immersed imaginations. He’s also the only Rabbit Room writer who can totally pull off that moustache.

Jill Phillips’s Shoulder, Andrew Osenga, Eric Peters, and me on the songwriting panel.

Andy Gullahorn, Jill Phillips, Andrew Osenga, Eric Peters, and My Hands. Eric closes his eyes when he’s being super brilliant.

After everyone left this was the crew who ended up in the kitchen cleaning up the last bits of Evie’s feast. Ron Block, Russ Ramsey, Pete Peterson, Aaron Roughton, Kate Hinson, me, Lindi Roughton, and Whit Elam. Evie was off somewhere collapsing. Thanks for your unexpected help, Roughtons.

We loved having Charlotte Crawford set up shop Saturday morning to serve free coffee drinks for the Hutchmooters. Not only was she awesome to have around, her drinks were really, really good. She runs a business called Latte Elegance.

More elegance. Lattes of it.

Finally, I leave you with Scott Rinehart and his Awesome Shirt. Which sounds like a movie featuring Michael Cera.

I got a few more pictures emailed to, which I’ll try to post soon. Send ’em on if you have ’em. Thanks to Grant for taking such great pictures. He also took a lot of video, which we’ll put together to promote next year’s event.


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