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Hutchmoot Sound Off

Wow. Thank you. Thank you all so much for making Hutchmoot 2013 such an unforgettable weekend. I can hardly believe you let us keep doing this. I mean really, seriously, I can’t believe we get to have this much fun. I’m humbled, honored, and amazed.

We’ve made it a tradition each year to collect everyone’s thoughts and blog posts in one spot and I hope you’ll help us continue that tradition by adding your voice to the comments here. What was the highlight of your weekend? (For me, it was either Chewbacca Peters (video anyone?), Arthur Alligood, or the standing ovation you gave to Leif.) If you’ve written something to try to describe or process your experience this weekend, please provide a link here. We’d like to read it. If you’ve posted those thoughts on Facebook please feel welcome to copy/paste them into a comment. We want to hear what you have to say and we want others to hear you as well.

And if you’d like to help us thank the Graham family for their generosity this weekend, please send me an email at


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