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In The Foot-Care Aisle: A Sonnet

[Editor’s note: If only this had been written by John Bunyan . . .]

In the Foot Care Aisle The foot care aisle at Walgreen’s maketh glad The footsore souls who come to find relief— Support for fallen arches, gel-filled pads To cushion every podiatric grief.

My feet are sound and healthy, fungus-free, But in the foot care aisle they ache to ache. They itch to itch and burn so they might be Soothed and eased and salved for comfort’s sake.

I contemplate my future and I smile. Corns may mar my toes, a plantar’s wart my sole. What then? I’ll come back to the foot care aisle. I’ll manage with the help of Dr. Scholl.

Such pains are vague and far from where I stand, But remedies are real and close at hand.


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