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Introducing The Artist’s Creed: Season Two

Season Two of The Artist’s Creed begins Wednesday, May 19th. Over the course of six episodes, Steve Guthrie and Drew Miller will explore the relationship between the sounding world and the Holy Spirit. They’ll ask what we can learn about God through music, speech, breath, and voice, starting next week with “Episode 1: The Sound Breath Makes.” Click through to hear an excerpt from this first episode.

Each episode of this new season centers on a post from Steve Guthrie’s blog series, “Spirit & Sound,” in which he discusses what our sense of sound and hearing can reveal to us about God and his creation—from “The Sound Breath Makes” to “Sounding, Re-sounding, and the Antiphonal Shape of the World” to “The Man Who Read With His Mouth Closed (And the Spirit Who Didn’t).”


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