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Introducing the Rabbit Room Christmas Gift Package

For the first time, the Rabbit Room has created a Christmas package, a perfect gift for friends who are unfamiliar or less familiar with the Rabbit Room! Every package includes an assortment of items—books, recipes, art, an ornament, tea, and much more—carefully curated around the themes of Advent and Christmas.

In this gift package, you’ll find:

  1. Letters From the Mountain by Ben Palpant

  2. Henry and the Chalk Dragon by Jennifer Trafton

  3. 2-bag package of Rabbit Room tea (Courtesy of British Bee Tea Company)

  4. 5X7 Print of “A Liturgy for the Christmas Season”

  5. Rabbit Room Ornament

  6. Postcards featuring art by John Hendrix, Kyra Hinton, and Jamin Still

  7. “Rachel’s Weird Butters” recipe cards

  8. Rabbit Room bookmarks

  9. Rabbit Room stickers

  10. Information about the Rabbit Room

Christmas Gift Packages are available for a limited time only (while supplies last) and will begin shipping November 29th. Click here to view them on the Rabbit Room Store.


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