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Jeffrey Overstreet and an Unmarked Grave

No, Jeffrey Overstreet has not died (nor has he been buried), but he does feature in one of the following podcasts, both of which are well worth a listen.

Neighbors is a Nashville Public Radio podcast by Jakob Lewis and this week he brings us a story called “The Grave of Rosa Mary Dean.” If you’re a fan of Radiolab or Invisibilia or This American Life, you’ll feel right at home with Neighbors.

Here’s how Jakob describes this episode: On a rainy night 1949, a young woman arrived by train in Franklin, Tennessee and walked off into the night. The next morning, her body was found near an incinerator by the high school. Her throat had been cut. The murder has become a fixture of town lore, yet its victim lies in an unmarked grave. An effort to give her a headstone raises the questions: Who do we choose to remember? And why?

And then check out this episode from Light Up the City Seattle in which they talk to Jeffrey Overstreet about why the arts matter and how the Church can engage with artists and their work. Lots of great discussion here. Jeffrey will be speaking at Hutchmoot in just a few weeks and this podcast is a fine way to “meet” him ahead of time.


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