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Lent, Week 4: An Image & A Song

The fourth in a weekly, six-part Lenten series exploring themes of human frailty and suffering through music, story, and art. This week’s post features art by Kyra Hinton and a live performance of “Wheel of Love” by Ella Mine.

An Image: “Dust to Life” by Kyra Hinton

Kyra tells the story behind this piece:

This piece was created on a foundation of prayers; of wrestling with the Creator of a people broken and breaking. The words under the paint are of grief and anger that the name of a just and loving God has been used alongside so much evil and hatred. Where is the God who threatens millstones around the necks of those who lead astray the little ones? If there will be justice, will there also be mercy for those who only knew His name to be synonymous with hatred? Can He rise beyond the flags of misrepresentation, and bring them close? Creating this piece was an act of working out these fears and longings. As I did, words once covered up rose to the surface, promising hope beyond my understanding. —Kyra Hinton

A Song: “Wheel of Love” by Ella Mine


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