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Means of Giving Thanks in 2020

This year, it’s not a given to be thankful. In fact, one could go so far as to call it an accomplishment. So we’re not here to pressure you into it, silently waiting to cut the turkey until you’ve shared what you’re thankful for this year. However, we are here to offer some words and melodies that stir thanksgiving in us, recognizing that perhaps now more than ever, gratitude is a necessity too often mistaken for a luxury.

Typically on Thanksgiving, one of the pieces we share is Doug McKelvey’s “Liturgy for Feasting with Friends” from Every Moment Holy. And while we’re still including it for those of you who have the excellent fortune of being able to safely share a meal with loved ones, we also recognize that for so many of us, that will be impossible, and it comes as a great loss.

So alongside that liturgy, we are sharing other liturgies that are all too applicable in 2020: liturgies “For Missing Someone” and “For a Meal Eaten Alone,” as well as several more. All of these are available for free download at

In addition, here’s a new song from our friend Becca Jordan called “Autumn Gold.” It is at heart a prayer—for daily bread, for stillness of soul, and for the sustaining of hope, day after weary day. This is a prayer we could all use this year, and it gently nudges us into the waiting season of Advent.

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