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New Album: Finch in the Pantry by The Arcadian Wild

Today is Release Day Eve for The Arcadian Wild, and what a release it is!

They have been hard at work on a collection of songs elaborately adventurous, mathematically precise, and nourishingly beautiful, and we are lucky to get to share its penultimate track a day before it’s officially out in the world.

Does this artwork look familiar? Probably because it was designed by Ned Bustard, the beloved artist behind Every Moment Holy. By the way, this cover is replete with references to the songs inside.

The song we are sharing with you today is called “The Graduate”—a lavishly composed tribute to the turbulence and wonder of young adulthood. “We’re wondering,” they sing, “if and when we’ll reach the other side.” Their album indicates that this trio of friends has already reached somewhere special.

You can follow The Arcadian Wild on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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