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New Project: Earth Has No Sorrow

My latest project is, content-wise, somewhat of a departure for me. Or maybe it’s not, depending on how you view my songwriting over the years?

Earth Has No Sorrow is a hymns project. Some friends and patrons of mine invited me to record “Come Thou Fount” for an episode of their Chicago-based podcast, The Bridge, some time ago. It was definitely outside my comfort zone, but I enjoyed it and was encouraged to assemble a few more hymns and try to release them.

I only sporadically attended church growing up, so my familiarity with hymnody is embarrassingly shallow (at least, for someone who makes their living on the ragged-edge fringes of the Christian music industry), but as an artist and songwriter naturally drawn to honest, rich, genuine lyrics, it is not terribly difficult to see just how extraordinary and profound are so many of these songs.

Like psalms, hymns speak for and to us. They have a way of reaching into us, especially when our own energy, heart, mind, or words are sapped or empty. Their gift to us is to remind and to advocate. Though this collection of songs is not my typical offering, I do hope they’ll reveal some iota of me, and in the process be something peaceful and pleasant, a balm in this wonky world.

At the time of writing, Eric’s Kickstarter has just four days remaining. He has met his goal, but more funding will make the project even better. Click here to become a backer for Earth Has No Sorrow.


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