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North Wind Manor introduces Fika & Stilla

by Rachel Matar

We’ve been hosting Open Hours for about a year now, and it’s become one of my favorite parts of the life of the Rabbit Room. We like having an excuse to get the fire roaring, bake something yummy, light the candles, and set out the mugs, but what we really like is you. So many of you have prayed, donated, and dreamed about this space with us. It’s been special to be able to open the doors and welcome you here. And while we think Open Hours are important because we appreciate you, we think they are fun because we like you.

We want North Wind Manor to be hospitable for all of you, but we know that there are many varied definitions of what makes a space “hospitable.” Someone wanting to focus on a project and someone wanting to meet new people likely have different needs from a hospitable space. We’re excited about all of that stuff, so we are expanding Open Hours to better host more of you.

Open Hours: Fika

Jamie introduced us to the Swedish concept of Fika, which literally means “coffee break” but also carries lovely implications of community, coziness, and intentional pause. That idea was our original inspiration for Open Hours and has been what we’ve tried to cultivate all year. Every Wednesday from 1-4 PM, we open the doors to anyone who wants to visit. Fika feels different every week, but generally, it’s a vibrant hum of conversation, laughter, and music. You’re welcome to bring your laptop or a project, but if you need quiet, be aware that no one is going to tell the kids to stop doing science projects or playing tag. In fact, we might be playing, too.

Quiet Hours: Stilla

We love the vibrant thing that Fika has become, but we are also excited about the good things that come out of quiet places. New this month, we’re introducing Stilla (Swedish for quiet and peaceful) every Friday morning from 9 to noon. The idea for these quiet hours is to provide a calmer space for deeper focus. Bring your laptop to work remotely, work on a creative project, bring a book, or borrow one of ours. We’ll provide the coffee, and if we can’t help ourselves from playing a game of tag, we’ll make sure we take it outside.

Another thing that is true is that many of you will never visit this place. Maybe you live far away, or your schedule is full. God gave you stewardship of a different corner of the world, and you’re faithfully tending that ground. Thank you! We’re so glad you’re “here,” even when you can’t be here. We want this place to be good for you, too, so we are working to expand the ways that we can share North Wind Manor with you. In the coming months, look for more ways to experience some of the special events that happen here, as well as ways to see, taste, and smell some of North Wind Manor’s wonderful ordinariness.

You’re leaving this place better than you found it. Thanks so much for stopping by.


Rachel is a former Emergency Medicine PA, an unofficial yet enthusiastic ambassador for The Peach Truck, and the Head of Events and Hospitality at North Wind Manor.


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