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North Wind Manor: Update

The renovation of North Wind Manor is nearly complete! The fireplace from Tolkien’s Oxford house is up and ready, just waiting for a fire to bring it to life and books to surround it with good company.

Construction is estimated for completion next month, and then it’s on to furnishing! We’re crafting an intentional space to cultivate hospitality, creativity, and rest. A place of community, where creators can gather to cultivate and share their craft. Where theologians and authors passing through can hold symposiums and lectures. A place of beauty, where guests can rest and revive for the callings God has placed on them.

J. R. R. Tolkien’s fireplace

As we move into the next phase of modeling and furnishing to shape that atmosphere, we’re grateful for any continued support. Because we anticipate that this space is going to host a lot of people through the years, we want to fill the space with well-made and beautiful furnishings that will last a long time. If you’d like to cover any specific needs, here are some of the things we’re working toward as we turn this space from mere construction into a comfortable and rejuvenating space:


1. Bar stools for the island – $2000 2. Large dining room table – $2500 3. Chairs for the dining table – $2000 4. Pillows and throws – $1500 5. Lighting and accessories – $1500 6. Kitchen Ware – $3000 7. Bathrooms – $500


1. Table – $1800 2. Chairs for Table – $2000 3. Fireplace seating – $3000 4. Additional seating area – $1500 5. Rocking chairs – $2500 6. Porch swings – $2000 7. Rugs – $600 8. Plants/planters – $500 9. End tables – $400

Thank you for all the support and generosity you’ve invested to bring the work this far! We’re thrilled to be so close to completion, and looking forward to the day when we can gather safely with community in this space God has given us to steward.


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