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Notes Regarding my Encounter with the Elusive Snorthog

[Editor’s note: Needless to say, we at the Rabbit Room are among Ollister B. Pembrick’s biggest fans. So one can hardly imagine our surprise and delight upon being shown this recently discovered letter from Pembrick himself. It was brought to our attention by a student and eloquent writer named Calen Lotspeich as part of Andrew Peterson’s Creaturepedia writing contest. In fact, we are pleased to report that, with this letter, Calen won the 6th to 8th grade section of this writing contest! Well done, Calen. And to our readers: enjoy, and may you remain safe from all nibbles.]

To my Dear Readers,

It has been my pleasure to inform you of the many beasteries of this vast world. This is another confounding creature as documented by your humble servant.

The woods were creaking as my beswaddled toes tread quietly along the trail of the most confounding of all Aerwiarian creatures, more even than the Snikbuzzard’s bellybuttoned girth. At last my searching eyes fixed upon a flaming fwooshy tail. The creature was hideously beautiful: its hoggish nose dribbled sluggish snot, its luxurious mane of many colors bounced upon its wrinkly head, and its robe-like body mostly masked its many legs. The beast’s thin coat was a riot of colors; like paint on a canvas of mold. My first inclination was to whip out my beloved sketching book and sketch the hoggish creature. My pencil began depicting in rapid swooshing strokes the Maker’s handiwork. I looked up from my art to find my eyes in close proximity with the snottish, dribbling nose of the very Snorthog I was sketching. I was startled but relieved when I realized that the millipeidish monster was but a gentle giant. It in fact seemed utterly absorbed in my work in effort to depict it. The creature’s flamed tail floofed happily amongst the dry grass where it stood, setting it ablaze. I fumbled with my water supply, and, removing the cap, doused the blaze into nothing.

Illustration: “Snottamus” by Aedan Peterson

Unfortunately, the quenching of the fire emptied my canteen and I was without refreshment. The Snorthog, sensing my need, helpfully dribbled into my jug. I thanked him but had to explain that however nutritious it was to him I could not (easily) drink the generous inundation of mucus that he had given me. It seemed to understand and slogged away in despondency. I attempted to overtake it to offer my apologies but, sensing a chase, it took to its heels and disappeared into the thick brush.

And so, my fellow creature researchers, I end this letter and shall write again soon.

Cordially, Ollister B. Pembrick

P.S. Edd Helmer, if you are reading this, I am sorry about your ship, but at least we got to see a dagger fish feeding frenzy.

[Editor’s note: This was the winning entry for the 6th-8th grade section of the Creaturepedia writing contest. Congratulations, Calen Lotspeich! The runner-up was Priya Gingrich’s Bean Brew With a Monster on the Side. Well done, Priya!

To view the names of all the winners of the writing contest, click here.

Next week, we’ll treat you to the winner of the 9th-12th grade section: Rose Swillum’s Out of the Deeps of the Dragon King.]

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