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Now Available: Fin’s Revolution, Part III

The Fin’s Revolution Podcast is back with the next 15 chapters of the tale!

This month marks 10 years since the publication of Fiddler’s Green, and as he did with The Fiddler’s Gun, the author, Pete Peterson, is revisiting the story by reading it aloud via podcast.

Join Fin Button and her crew of outcasts as they embark on a voyage to the Mediterranean in search of a lost countess and an end to the war. To win the prize, Fin will need the help of an ancient seafaring order, the Knights of Malta—and the resolve of one faithful knight could alter more than just the outcome of the revolution. It could mend the heart of a lonely girl and give rise to an American legend.

Part 3, “The Crossing” (chapters 26-40), is now available via the Rabbit Room Podcast Network. Look for part 4 (and more bonus content) coming soon!


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