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Opening Week at North Wind Manor: Online Offerings

Next week is a big week for us at the Rabbit Room. After several years of fundraising, renovating, and patiently waiting, we are finally ready to open wide the doors to our newly-restored community space, North Wind Manor! Every day next week, the Manor will serve as a venue for events centered around art, music, story, and community. But for those of us who are unable to attend in person, we have exciting plans for online content as well.

The Rabbit Room’s four main themes of ongoing discussion are music, art, story, and community, and each day of Opening Week has been set aside to explore one of those themes. As fun as it will be to explore those themes together in a shared space, the discussion won’t stop there. Opening Week would not be complete without a deep dive into the Rabbit Room’s extensive archive where this discussion has been taking place for years.

So get ready for a curated selection of interviews and sessions from The Hutchmoot Podcast, The Second Muse, and The Resistance. Expect to see writing from Jennifer Trafton, Andrew Peterson, Helena Sorensen, Kyra Hinton, and Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson. Next week’s content will feature the backstory of why our community space is named “North Wind Manor,” extended conversations on the art of both writing and listening to music, peeks into the magic of collaboration in visual art, blueprints for a sprawling tale, and meditations on the emotional power of film.

Stay tuned for all of this and more, every day next week.


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