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Our Easter Playlist: “The Great Day of the Lord”

Welcome to “The Great Day of the Lord”—a fifty day-long season called Easter in which we find ourselves sent into the world, confident that the One who sent us will finish what he’s started. Resurrection is real, our hope is not in vain, and our eyes and ears are newly open to the great gladness of a world being remade. We offer you this batch of songs to accompany you through Eastertide.

Andrew’s blog post said it well: “I feel in my chest a loosening of tension, a relief that the grieving of Lent is past, the hard-fought self-discipline is behind me, and I can enter the days of work and rest with a subtly euphoric freedom from the thistle and thorn that infests the ground. I’m still working in the fields, but for now it’s with gladness and not groaning.”

Photo by Tori Thiessen

Here’s what some of our contributors had to say about their song choices.

“The Color Green” by Rich Mullins

This song holds the same swelling joy and gratitude I feel considering Easter, and it reflects the glory and wonder of all things being made new. —Shigé Clark

“Christ Has Risen” by Matt Maher

The couplet that reads, “O Church, come stand in the light / The glory of God has defeated the night” gets me every time. —Matt Conner

“After the Storm” by Mumford & Sons

Feels like a modern-day Psalm 22. —Chris Yokel

“Out of Hiding” by Steffany Gretzinger

People say Jesus was thinking of us when he died on the cross, but this song reminds me how he was also thinking of us when he defeated death and rose from the grave. He fought Satan and won eternity for me. We’re not far from home, friends. So encouraging. —Janna Barber

“When I See You” by Audrey Assad

“My heart unfolds like a flower in the sun / My fear grows cold in the light of your love.” It reminds me of the moment Mary recognizes the resurrected Jesus, and it feels like the hope of spring. —Jen Yokel

“Appalachia Waltz” by Mark O’Connor, Yo-Yo Ma, and Edgar Meyer

Easter makes me want to listen to heart-meltingly beautiful instrumental music. This song is where that desire led me this year. —Drew Miller

“He’s Alive” by Dolly Parton

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Dolly Parton’s “He’s Alive.” I love this chorus. —Jill Phillips

“We Will Feast in the House of Zion” by Sandra McCracken

This one reminds me that Easter is not just a day, it’s a season: a 50-day feast pointing towards that glorious Day when everything Jesus accomplished in His crucifixion and resurrection will be fully realized in the lives of His saints. I can’t wait. —Lanier Ivester

What are some songs that express the season of Easter for you? Please share in the comments section!


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