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Porter’s Gate Presents Work Songs

These days, worship music is an entire sub-industry in the realm of art. There are conversations over the nature and performance of said music, and about as many worship traditions as there are denominations. Having been a worship leader on and off for most of my adult years, I know this world fairly well. But I can’t say I’d ever heard much time spent discussing the connection between our worship and our everyday work. Sure, there’s a strong Protestant tradition for the sacredness of ordinary work, but not many songs about, at least that I’m aware of. So I was pleasantly surprised to recently hear about a project called Work Songs, produced by the sacred arts collective The Porter’s Gate.

Work Songs involves some Rabbit Room favorites such as Josh Garrels and Audrey Assad, as well as artists like Latifa Alattas (Page CXVI), David Gungor (The Brilliance), and Joy Ike, among others.

Here’s a short video clip about the project:

Works Songs is available through most digital music outlets.


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