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Rabbit Room on the Road

For years now, people have been asking us to take Hutchmoot on the road. That’s a complicated request, but this year we’ve come up with a way to do just that…well, sort of.

We’re teaming up with the Great Homeschool Conventions and the Wilberforce Weekend to provide eight—count ’em: EIGHT—Rabbit Room on the Road events this year. And don’t worry, there’s no need to be a homeschooler or even have any interest in homeschooling—you can still come and enjoy the Rabbit Room on the Road part of the program. We’ll be visiting folks from California to New York, and below you’ll see what we’ve got in store.

The great thing about most of these events is that you can purchase access for your entire family for a very low price. When you register for the Great Homeschool Convention, you’ll have access to the entire program listed below as well as the rest of the convention content if you’re interested. This is a GREAT chance to get a taste of Hutchmoot content for a fraction of the price (less than $70 for an entire family!).

Note: The Washington DC event is part of the Wilberforce Weekend and NOT a Great Homeschool Convention. See below for details.

So come out and join us. We’d love to see you at the sessions. Stop by the Rabbit Room booth afterward to say hello. Below, you’ll find the program and the dates for each convention.

Rabbit Room on the Road at the Great Homeschool Convention includes:

  1. Andrew Peterson live in concert

  2. Slugs & Bugs live in concert

  3. Community, Calling, & the Mystery of Making – Andrew Peterson and Jonathan Rogers discuss the nature of creative work—its challenges, its joys, its importance in the Kingdom of God—and the ways in which we enrich one another’s lives when we participate in creative work together.

  4. The Work of the People: Redemptive Rhythms in Our Shared Lives – Pete Peterson and Doug McKelvey examine the ways in which we strengthen families and build relationships, friendships, and community through the liturgical rhythms of our lives.

  5. Finding Your Voice: Overcoming Barriers to Creativity – Jennifer Trafton and Helena Sorensen examine the forces that restrict creativity in our lives and explore ways in which we can break down those barriers and find room to let our imaginations thrive.

  6. In Search of a Truer Story: Nurturing A Redeemed Imagination (Andrew Peterson, Douglas McKelvey, Helena Sorensen, A. S. Peterson, Jennifer Trafton, Jonathan Rogers) – What’s the point of a good story? Why do we need them? What do they have to teach us? This panel of Rabbit Room writers and musicians invites you into a discussion about the importance of Story to our imaginations, our lives, and our faith.

Where and When?

Rabbit Room on the Road at the Wilberforce Weekend includes:

  1. Jonathan Rogers – Speaking on the subject of why stories are a powerful force in the Church and in the world.

  2. Doug McKelvey & Andrew Peterson – Speaking on the subject of how our imagination shapes our capacity for hope.

  3. Panel Discussion with Jonathan Rogers, Andrew Peterson, Doug McKelvey – A moderated discussion about how art nourishes community and community nourishes art.

  4. Songs with Andrew Peterson

Where and When?


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