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Rabbit Roomer Mill: Mel Gibson to Star in Andrew Peterson Film?

Can I end every sentence in this post with a question mark? Do you think I can?

Is Andrew Peterson’s blockbuster book (which literally busted several blocks with its head) being made into a movie? Is this a movie where Mel Gibson stars as a guy who appears really upset and like to break sundry items? Gibson’s new film, Edge of the Edge of Darkness, is a movie which, I believe, is based on Andrew’s book, On the Edge of the Edge of the Dark Dark Sea of Darkened Darkness, is it not?

Note: Um, Andrew, didn’t you realize that your title is redundant? I mean, come on, will you?

Even though “the Dark Sea of” is curiously omitted from the movie title, don’t “they” regularly have to cut stuff from books when they’re made into movies? Didn’t “they” do that with such films as: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (where the movie version I saw had no zombies at all and again the title was cut down to merely “Pride and Prejudice” –talk about prejudice)? Should we be prejudiced against zombies? What about vampires? Is it prejudice if I never buy a book that has anything to do with vampires, or teen angst? What about Twitter? I say again, what about Twitter?

Does anyone know who Mel Gibson is playing in the film? Is it Podo Helmer? Is it Gnag the Nameless (who isn’t in the book –but, dramatic license and all that)?

Note: Um, Andrew, don’t you realize that you gave Gnag the Nameless a name? Come on, will you?

I hope the film is really good and then “they” decide to make a film of the sequel, North? Or Be Eaten? That book asks some really important questions, don’t you think?


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