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Registration Now Open for Hutchmoot: Homebound

Registration for Hutchmoot: Homebound is officially open—and we’re so glad to tell you that there’s a seat for everyone at the (virtual) table this year. Now that tickets are available, here are some more specifics regarding what this unique Hutchmoot will consist of, what you can expect, and some frequently asked questions.

First, this is a digital event spanning from Friday, October 9th to Sunday, October 11th. All tickets will grant you complete access to the private Hutchmoot: Homebound website where content will be shared over the course of these three days. This website will function as the main hub of the event. Content shared here will include a keynote address from Steve Taylor; a variety of sessions on music, art and story by Andrew Peterson, Russell Moore, Russ Ramsey, and more; and performances by John Mark McMillan, Joshua Luke Smith, Propaganda, Sara Groves, and more.

Beyond Digital

One of our favorite parts of Hutchmoot each year is the relationships that begin among those in attendance. So we wanted to do our best to incorporate that togetherness into your experience as a guest this year. As part of this online conference, we will provide a set of tools and opportunities to help you foster community right where you are. We’ll host regionally specific chats, Zoom discussions, and message boards so you can use Hutchmoot: Homebound content to interact with people close to home.

And finally, even though Hutchmoot is online this year, we believe it should be more than merely digital, so we’re putting together a box of mysteries just for you: the Mystery Moot Kit.

What’s inside? You’ll have to wait and see, but here’s a sneak peek: a Hutchmoot: Homebound journal, a book that will be part of the discussion during the event, cooking ingredients, art materials for a communal art project, and more.


Choose the option that’s right for you:

$40 – Complete Package (includes Mystery Moot Kit) ($60 International) Available ONLY while Mystery Moot Kit supplies last (or until August 15th)! Complete access to all Hutchmoot: Homebound website content (sessions, music, chats, and other surprises), plus we’ll mail you our Mystery Moot Kit, which includes a journal, art materials, reading materials, cooking ingredients, and other surprises that will help you make the most of your Hutchmoot experience.

$120 / $220 – Small Group Package (for 5 or 10 people) Available ONLY while Mystery Moot Kit supplies last (or until August 15th)! If you’d like to invite friends over and participate in Hutchmoot as a small group, we’ve got you covered. This package offers complete access to all Hutchmoot: Homebound website content (sessions, music, chats, and other surprises) for ONE account so that you can project video to a device of your choice at home. And we’ll ship the contents of 5 or 10 Mystery Moot Kits so everyone gets their own materials.

*If you choose the small group package, we strongly encourage you to abide by the regulations in place in your area to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please do keep the group small and act responsibly for the good and well-being of your neighbors.*

$20 – Digital Only Complete access to all Hutchmoot: Homebound website content (sessions, music, chats, and other surprises). Does not include Mystery Moot Kit.


We’ve tried to cover all the bases, but we realize that there are lots of moving pieces and you may have a question that hasn’t been addressed by this post. This is, after all, the year of many questions. That’s why we’ve put together this FAQ page on the Hutchmoot: Homebound website. There you will find answers to questions practical, logistical, and existential (if you’re lucky).


If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of Hutchmoot: Homebound, feel free to reach out to us! We have a variety of sponsorship options available—personal, organizational, and educational—and take joy in tailoring our options to fit your needs.

The unique circumstances of this year have given us at the Rabbit Room an opportunity to playfully adapt and respond with creativity. We’re so grateful to get to host this one-of-a-kind Hutchmoot—and especially thankful that more people can participate than ever before. Thanks for joining us on this wild ride. We’ll see you in October.


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