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Rehearsing the Story: Our 2019 Advent Playlist

Advent is here! Our four-week season of anticipating Christ’s birth began yesterday, offering us time to reflect on our brokenness and hope for the joy set before us.

Christ has come, indeed! He will come again. But until that day, we rehearse our story—the story of darkness adorned by Light, the story of humanity’s yearning for Life which liberated what death held captive, the story of a Child whose advent disturbed the status quo and offered a path of repentance, hope, and love.

May this collection of songs invite you into this rehearsal. May they offer an opportunity to practice what Rob Wheeler wrote in yesterday’s post: “When we immerse ourselves in Advent, we consciously push against the tide of an instant gratification world and surrender to complete dependence upon the provision of God—a generous God of outrageous patience.” The time for celebration is nigh. But let us not rush ahead and miss the importance of the wait. Welcome again to Advent!


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