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Released: The Molehill Vol. 3

If you are a 2014 Rabbit Room member, your copy of The Molehill Vol. 3 is presently speeding its way toward your mailbox. If you are a 2015 Rabbit Room member, your copy of The Molehill Vol. 3 along with your membership card, membership certification, and 2015 Rabbit Room mug will depart the launch facility tomorrow morning and rocket its way toward your doorstep with terrifying rapidity. If you pre-ordered The Molehill Vol. 3, your copy will likewise achieve launch velocity tomorrow morning.

If you are none of the above, heaven help you. You are missing out on one heck of a great collection of poetry, short stories, non-fiction, recipes, and other work by a whole slew of Rabbit Room word-engineers. Consider the following:

—a ghost story by Lanier Ivester —a folk tale by Walter Wangerin, Jr. —a piece of creative non-fiction about an art heist by Russ Ramsey —new poetry by Luci Shaw, Andrew Peterson, Chris Yokel, Jen Rose Yokel, Russ Ramsey, Jonathan Rogers, and Sir Richard Roland —Recipes by Lewis Graham (illustrated by Jennifer Trafton) —A work of illustrated short fiction (in five parts) by Jamin Still —A collaborative piece of cartoon poetry by Jen Rose Yokel and Jonny Jimison —A never-before-published essay by G. K. Chesterton —Let me say that last one again—a never-before-published essay by Gilbert Keith Chesterton!—(not even on the interwebs!)

And there’s even more. It’s enough to cram your brain so full of good reading that it’s entirely likely your head will explode and we’ll have to call the school janitor to sprinkle that weird powder all over the puddle that used to be your head. We’re sorry if that happens, but you can’t say you weren’t warned.

Click here to order your copy of The Molehill Vol. 3. We’ll aim it your way and hit the bright red candy-like launch button with reckless abandon and frightening alacrity. We swear it.


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