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Revenge of the Birds

In the interest of shameless, low brow self-promotion, I wish to make it known that I had a book come out (“releasing”?, “hitting the shelves”?) this Friday May 8. It is titled, Revenge of the Birds.

Revenge of the Birds is an adventure book for kids-of-all-ages. Complete with colloquial illustrations, I wrote it in the 5th grade. I bound the original copy my own bad elementary self, and this is an exact replica of the original, cursive handwriting, tacky faux-wood 1970’s contact paper and all. ROTB is an epic adventure space novella that is a healthy five pages in length. If the title alone doesn’t pique your interest, I can only guess that the intense plot and character development soon will. Fancy yourself a fan of mankind, outer space, war ships, foul alien beasts, tarantulas, and deep-fried avian banquets? Then, chances are, you will find the tale intriguing, or interesting at best. If none of that subject matter grabs you, then there’s always Twilight.

Revenge of the Birds. Friday May 8. Soon available in the Rabbit Room. Until then, order your copy today in the Eric Peters Store. Thanks, and beware the birds.


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