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RR Book Group: Just Mercy Week 3

For this week’s reading and discussion, we’re digging into Chapters 9-12. As Walter’s story progresses and we come to the conclusion of Stevenson’s efforts to free him, we’ll also take a look at justice regarding the mentally ill and women in poverty. As always, feel free to join the discussion at your own pace. You can comment below on this week’s questions or visit the conversation at the forum.

Here are few new questions for you to consider…

After how Walter’s hearing went in chapter 9, were you surprised by the judge’s decision in chapter 11? Why do you think things turned out that way?

“I wasn’t exactly sure how to manage the family’s expectations. I felt I was supposed to be the cautionary voice that prepared family members for the worst even while I urged them to hope for the best… But I was developing a maturing recognition of the importance of hopefulness in creating justice.

How can hope create justice? (p 219)

“Sometimes I forget how we all need mitigation at some point.”

Read and reflect on 2 Corinthians 1:3-7. How has someone mitigated for you? Is there someone you can mitigate for?

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