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Song of the Day: Andrew Peterson

In light of the upcoming release of Resurrection Letters, Vol. II, I’m going to post some of the new songs.The label asked me to write a few paragraphs about each song for promotional stuff, so I’ll include that too.  Hope you enjoy!

HOSEA This song is not about some dude named José.  The Old Testament story of Hosea paints a powerful picture of the stubborn, pursuing, renewing love of God.  Hosea is told by God to marry a runaround, no-good, heartless woman.  Hosea obeys, and I can’t help thinking that he must not have enjoyed it much.  He was probably humiliated, scorned by his friends, not to mention heartbroken by his new wife, Gomer.  Even Noah, mocked for building a giant boat in the middle of a desert, at least kept a little dignity, could feel like a man with his wife and sons near at hand.

But there was Hosea, alone in bed while his wife caroused, and everyone knew it.  All because God wanted to make a point.  After Gomer ran off with another man, God sent Hosea to buy her back and bring her home.  Then God said about Israel, about us, dead in our sin: “…I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her.  There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor a door of hope.  There she will sing as in the days of her youth…”  The word Achor means “trouble”.  From the ashes of the Valley of Trouble came new life, green and lush.  Forgiveness. Rest. Resurrection.

Hosea 1:2,3 Hosea 2:13-16 Hosea 3:1,2

Every time I lay in the bed beside you Hosea, Hosea I hear the sound of the streets of the city My belly growls like a hungry wolf And I let it prowl till my belly’s full Hosea, my heart is a stone

Please believe me when I say I’m sorry Hosea, Hosea You loveable, gullible man I tell you that my love is true Till it fades away like a morning dew Hosea, leave me alone

Here I am in the Valley of Trouble Just look at the bed that I’ve made Badlands as far as I can see There’s no one here but me, Hosea

I stumbled and fell in the road on the way home Hosea, Hosea I lay in the brick street like a stray dog You came to me like a silver moon With the saddest smile I ever knew Hosea carried me home again, home again

You called me out to the Valley of Trouble Just to look at the mess that I’ve made A barren place where nothing can grow One look and my stone heart crumbled It was a valley as green as jade I swear it was the color of hope You turned a stone into a rose, Hosea

I sang and I danced like I did as a young girl Hosea, Hosea I am a slave and a harlot no more You washed me clean like a summer rain And you set me free with that ball and chain Hosea, I threw away the key I’ll never leave


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