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Special Delivery: The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog

In a very real way, your membership is what makes the Rabbit Room possible. You responded in a big way to our Every Moment Holy campaign during May, and this month we’re saying thank you by sending each of our members a signed copy of Doug McKelvey’s The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog

Doug is the author of the forthcoming Every Moment Holy and we’re delighted to be able to put a copy of his latest (well, oldest…stay with me) book into your hands. The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog was written over 20 years ago and published to wide acclaim. Here’s how Jonathan Rogers’ describes it:

In his novella The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog, Doug McKelvey brings the story of Balaam’s donkey (a version of it, anyway) to rural America. Above this folksy story about a farm girl, her father, a dog, and two mules, great cosmic forces swirl. When their quiet life is torn apart by a flood, the mysterious workings of Providence and a shining angel brood over the chaos of the roaring waters. Frontier America may be the other side of the world from the plains of Moab, but still, it’s the same world. The angel that appeared to Balaam and his donkey could just as easily appear to an American farm girl and a mule named Thaddeus Frisco.

It became a beloved book to many who read it, but it went out of print well over a decade ago.

Earlier this year, Rabbit Room Press reissued this nearly-lost classic in a fresh new edition beautifully illustrated by Zach Franzen (who’s work you may know from the Green Ember series). We’re thrilled to be able to introduce this story to a new generation of families and we’re doubly thrilled to be able to send you, our members, a signed copy. You helped us put this book back into the world. Thank you.

As we speak, Doug McKelvey and illustrator Ned Bustard are hard at work putting the finishing touches on Every Moment Holy, our forthcoming book of liturgies for the everyday. Thanks to your help, this book will be issued in leather hardcover with gilded edges, silk bookmark, and decorative red lettering inside. It’s going to be lovely and we can’t wait for folks to read what Doug has created. It’s not only a book of valuable liturgies, it’s a collection of incredible poetry and beauty.

We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff planned this fall with the return of the Local Show, Hutchmoot, Rabbit Room Live, the Rich Mullins Ragamuffin Album tribute concert, the Behold the Lamb of God tour, and more. Thank you for help in making what we do possible. We couldn’t do it without you.



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