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The Artist’s Creed: The Sound Breath Makes

Season Two of The Artist’s Creed begins today! Over the course of six episodes, Steve Guthrie and Drew Miller will explore the relationship between the sounding world and the Holy Spirit. They’ll ask what we can learn about God through music, speech, breath, and voice, starting next week with “Episode 1: The Sound Breath Makes.” Tune in every Wednesday wherever you listen to podcasts.

In Episode 1, Steve and Drew discuss sound as incarnational in an excarnational world, the dual American problems of loneliness and polarization, the vulnerability of speech, the voice as a glimpse into the soul, wind and breath as more than mere symbols of the Spirit of God, the human being as a musical instrument, and much more.

And click here to read “Spirit & Sound, Part 1: The Sound Breath Makes,” which serves as the baseline for this conversation.


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