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The Carnival Comes To Town and CBN Music Features Jason

The carnival has come to our little mid-western town and transformed our main street for Hay Days. I’m usually on the road for this annual event, but this is the first year I got to experience it. We headed down the street with our tickets and rode all the rides. Even 4 year old Gus got himself psyched up for it. “oh man” he slapped his forehead as we handed the carny man our tickets for the Gravitron, “I’m such a dork”. And then he bravely stepped in and rode his first carnival ride – but not his last.

He did well and rode every other ride that day – the Ferris Wheel, Fun House, and the Tilt-a-Whirl (or hurl-a-whirl as we like to call it). I guess it goes with the territory of being the youngest, he has to prove himself to everyone else in the family. We also ate our fill of super corn dogs and cotton candy before going home. But that wasn’t the end of the excitement. The day before Gus sent everyone into a panic when he swallowed a water balloon. We called the nurse who told us we just needed to watch for it to show up when it came out the other end, which Jacob (our 11 year old) informed us that it did last night after the carnival when he was helping Gus, er, take care of business. The Gravitron must have forced it through since we weren’t expecting it for a couple more days.

“Really?!” Taya exclaimed, “are you sure it came out, Jacob?”

“For-shizzle” interjected Gus (yes, that’s what he said)

“Yep, it was blue,” Jacob said.

Well, that may be more information than you wanted about our family, but on a more professional note… CBN music just featured yours truly with a piece called “The Virtues Of Weakness” that sums up the heart of my ministry. Check it out here


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