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THE GRAY HAVENS: Two New Albums!

Ghost of a King was one of our favorite albums of last year, and we’re super excited to hear about this new project. Here’s what David and Licia have to say about it:

Community has been a huge part of The Gray Havens over the past four years. Our listeners have hosted us in their homes, churches, colleges, kickstarted ALL of our records to date, entertained our little two year old (Simon) during sound-checks, written us emails, letters, sent us packages, and prayed for us. Thank you!

Our last record was called Ghost of a King, and was produced by Ben Shive. Think of a producer like the construction manager and the artist as the architect who comes to the studio with a rough set of blueprints to start building with. Both are equally important and essential to the success of any given recording project, and Ben happens to be a ninja-level producer (steel-belt, 25th degree).

The FIRST part of this Kickstarter is to help fund OUR NEXT RECORD, produced, once again, by Ben Shive! Woot! We’ve already spent some time in the studio together, whittling down a list of song sketches and rough ideas to our absolute favorite to make this the best record we possibly can.

The SECOND half of this Kickstarter is for our first ever LIVE RECORD! We had the honor of touring our Ghost of a King album last fall alongside a band and string sections from colleges around the country. We had this crazy idea to score all-new string parts, get some band members together, and hit the road to bring the fullness of Ghost of a King to the stage, and it worked! We caught it all on audio.

The record is currently being mixed for listening ears like yours to hear, and we can’t wait to share it! The album will feature all the songs from Ghost of a King PLUS an additional three encore songs with the band (“Silver,” “Far Kingdom,” and “Train Station”). **All backers at the Casual Backer level and above will receive a digital download of the Live Record as soon as the Kickstarter concludes on May 2nd at 11:59pm!

The production timeline is thus: we’re scheduled to record with Ben over the summer should have everything finished up in time for all of your rewards to arrive in your mailbox by mid-December! (Christmas presents anyone!?)


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